Monday, September 10, 2012

What is Google Analytics?

Google currently offers a free service (a premium service is available for a fee) called Google Analytics (GA) that produces detailed statistics about the people that visit your website. This product is meant to help marketers instead of webmasters from where the industry first grew. With 55% of the top 10,000 sites using it, it is the widest used website statistic service.

GA has the ability to track your visitors being sent from any referrer, including pay-per-click networks, search engines, display advertising, email marketing, etc. 

Google integrated GA with Adwords, so that users are now able to analyze online sales campaigns by tracking  landing page experience and goals which may include sales, leads, viewing specific web pages, or downloading specific files. This feature allows marketers to decide which of their ads are producing and which are not, so that they can make a decision on what campaigns to keep running or to stop.

Using GA's analysis, you are able to identify poor performing pages using technology like funnel visualization, where you visitors originated from (referrers), their geographic location and how long they were on your site.

GA allows you add up to 50 site profiles. Each profile should correspond to one website. Any website that sells services or products online through a website can use GA e-commerce reporting to track sales activity. 

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