Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Benefits of Click-to-Call from GetMoreRings

GetMoreRings offers a feature rich Click-to-Call product with many benefits to help you maximize your online web traffic. 

The benefits it has for your customers:
  • It gives your customers a way to contact you for free, from any location in the world.
  • Your web based customers have the option to contact you instantly if they have any last minute sales questions. 
  • Operates around the clock so that you do not miss any calls, if callers use click-to-call during your non-business hours it allows the option for them to schedule a call back at the best time for them.

The benefits it has for your business: 
  • Stops a large percentage of shopping cart abandonment as the customer can reach you with any qualms or questions they are having.
  • Gives agents a leg up on communication with your clients as system provides what page the client is calling from and what area they are located in.
  • Provides analytical and management reports so that you can see what customers are calling for and what agents are handling the calls.
  • Easy to Use. GetMoreRings is fully hosted, you will not need to download or write any code to use it.

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