Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Amazing "A" Aspects of Awesome Business Leaders

Here at GetMoreRings we love words, especially descriptive positive adjectives. We came up with a list of seven 'A' words that describe exceptional business leaders. This list will begin our series of adjectives, with the letter 'B' being next.

Let's get started....

Remaining true to one's own personality, spirit, or character will make people like and respect you. Your employees want to feel like you have their back and no hidden agenda. A great leader makes honesty their best policy.

A good leader knows that their behavior is being watched by their employees at all times. You must remain above any drama and never discriminate or harass people.

An average leader will have no problem maintaining a project at the same level without making it excel. A great leader has natural ambition and is constantly setting new goals and taking projects to the next level.

Your employees want to know that they can come to you if they encounter a problem. An exceptional leader will have an open door policy with many channels of input such as email, conference calls, and one-on-one meetings.

No one wants to deal with Negative Nancy all day. Being agreeable with your employees when they offer a new ideas will keep them coming back. Being agreeable does not necessarily mean you like their idea.

Great leaders know that employees like to be applauded for their contributions. Awarding great work and giving the recognition make people feel appreciated and helps build loyalty and unity among your team members.

Employees want to know that their leader is unshakable and will stand firm even when they hit rough patches.

To end the list, here a few words that an amazing business leader would never want to be associated with. For the 'A' list - ambivalent, amoral, abrasive, arrogant or abusive.

Feel free to leave any words you think we left off or would have on your own list in the comments. Make sure to look out for our next list of 'B' adjectives.

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