Tuesday, September 25, 2012

24 Questions Business Leaders Should Ask Themselves

GetMoreRings knows that in today's market you have to be flexible and ready to move ahead so that your business can continue to be successful. 

If you look at our businesses today, they are all components of an enterprising network of relationships with partners, clients, and suppliers that mold the way we take care of business. With the rising expectations and demands of consumers, small and large business are showing up in all places around the globe. These business conditions can present both pros and cons to an owner.

So when contemplating what methods make your business' run efficiently, make sure these 20 questions are included.

  1. What is the purpose for your business existing?
  2. Who is your target customer?
  3. What are your competitors up to?
  4. Has your business adequately changed with the times?
  5. Do you have the right leaders employed?
  6. How does your business handle change?
  7. Are your business practices outdated?
  8. Are there better ways to integrate your different business processes, to make them work easier?
  9. Are you able to reduce your expenses, without hurting your product?
  10. Are you able to automate repetitive actions?
  11. Are your systems so slow they are affecting your response time to customers?
  12. Do you embrace new technology?
  13. Do you ensure that your data is backed daily, in case of a system failure?
  14. Is the information on your website current?
  15. Are your Customer Service Representatives trained with current business information?
  16. If you systems were to go down, do you know how to fix or restart it?
  17. Does corporate management share the same goals as the IT department?
  18. Are you making the right decisions with the IT and Operations departments?
  19. Are you securing your networks properly from outside threats?
  20. What part of your budget is for maintenance as opposed to new product development?
  21. Do you have the right employees?
  22. Are your employees happy?
  23. Are you using your employees to the best of their abilities?
  24. Do you ask your employees what feedback they are getting from customers on the business?

Feel free to leave any questions you think we left off in the comments. 

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